How to enter the Closed Beta?
💍 Early Access Ring

Make sure you own one of our Early Access Ring on Ethereum Mainnet which is indicated on this page. If you don't have one, you can buy them on OpenSea or borrow one from a friend.

🎁 FREE Early Access Ring

Claim your free Early Access Ring on Matic Test-Network in case you don't own one yet. For this action an Early Access Ring on the Ethereum Main-Network is required.

💻 Matic Test-Network

Switch your web3 provider to Matic Network.
Learn how to do this in our getting started guide.

🌳 The Forest of Solance

Start your first quest in the Forest of Solance quest area and continue exploring the world from there.

Join the Chainbreakers Closed Beta

If you didn't acquire an early access token prior to July 18th,
you have another chance to join the Chainbreakers closed beta.

Learn all the details in our latest blogpost.